Restaurant Fire Suppression in Burbank, CA

Every restaurant requires an up-to-date, bi-annually inspected fire suppression system in Burbank, CA. In the event of a grease fire or some other blaze, this system acts as a first line of defense, stopping fire before it grows into a dangerous inferno.

US Fire Protection specializes in installing and servicing restaurant fire suppression systems. Make sure you’re calling our expert team when your kitchen needs an updated system or the time comes to have your existing system inspected.

Fire System Installation

We have experience assessing and installing kitchen fire systems specific to each type of kitchen—whether you’re a small diner with a single flat-top grill or a full commercial kitchen with multiple workstations. We install UL 300 fire systems, tailoring every installation to meet your facilities. This includes nozzle and sensor positioning. UL 300 systems use wet chemicals to smother fire and blanket grease, stifling dangerous fires in their tracks, before they have a chance to get worse.

Bi-Annual Maintenance Inspections

In order to remain compliant and in operation, every commercial kitchen must have its restaurant fire suppression in Burbank, CA inspected every 6 months. We encourage you to keep a standing bi-annual appointment with US Fire Protection to have this inspection performed! We’ll check to see that everything is working properly and if any service is required, you can count on us to perform it.

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Keep Your Kitchen Safe

Whether it’s time for your bi-annual system inspection or you’re updating your commercial kitchen with a state-of-the-art UL 300 fire system, US Fire Protection is on-hand to assist you. Let us bring a careful eye to a thorough inspection of your restaurant’s fire suppression system and guarantee it’s up to the task of keeping you safe. Reach us today at 818-394-9062 to schedule a appointment.

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