Hood Cleaning

In commercial kitchens, hood cleaning is an essential part of fire safety. Fats, oils and grease (FOG) build up on the exhaust hood, creating a major fire hazard. Cleaning away FOG debris means lowering the risk that they’ll catch fire due to high heat or cooktop flames.

Call U.S. Fire Protection for kitchen exhaust cleaning. We’ll come out in regular intervals to clean your exhaust system, cutting down on FOG buildups to mitigate the risk of fire and the cost of replacing neglected hoods and ducting.

Lowering Your Risk of Fire

Our hood cleaning services are comprehensive, covering all parts of the hood and overhead exhaust system. We know how to approach degreasing and FOG removal so there aren’t any lingering hazards to worry about. This includes cleaning the surface of the hood itself, air intake, fan blades and ducting, leaving your overhead area free of flammable substances.

Our process is simple and thorough. We manually scrape large areas of debris, removing caked-on buildups. From there, we employ pressure washing techniques to completely strip away FOG residue and flammable films. We dry and polish your system so it’s as clean and tidy as it is safe.

Stay Compliant

Hood cleaning isn’t just important for safety—it’s also essential for compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. We help commercial kitchen equipment owners stay in compliant with NFPA articles 11.6.1 and 11.6.2 regarding commercial kitchen hood cleaning:

  • Article 11.6.1:
    “Upon inspection, if the exhaust system is found to be contaminated with deposits from grease-laden vapors, the contaminated portions of the exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified company or person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.”
  • Article 11.6.2:
    “Hoods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to remove combustible contaminants prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oily sludge.”

We recommend hood cleaning monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the nature of your kitchen operations. It’s best to observe FOG buildups on your hood and schedule service accordingly.

Protect Your Business

If you notice FOG buildups on the hoods in your commercial kitchen, schedule kitchen exhaust cleaning today. Call U.S. Fire Protection at 818-394-9062 today for more information or to schedule service.

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