Fire Sprinkler Systems

Our authority on fire safety products extends to just about anything, including extinguishers, sprinklers systems, suppression systems and emergency lighting. We have access to a broad range of products and can recommend, sell and install them properly, to keep your facilities safe against fire hazards.

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  • Sprinkler systems
    Do you have a robust fire sprinkler system installed at your facilities? If not, call us for sales and service. We’ll work to get a potable water system installed and properly set up, so you have a first line of defense against a fire should one occur.

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If you require fire safety and suppression products, provided specifically for your facilities and installed by knowledgeable experts, contact US Fire Protection. We’ll provide you with extinguishers, extensive suppression systems, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and more. And, we supply all the expertise and guidance needed to deploy these products successfully, so they save lives. Reach us today at 818-394-9062 to discuss your needs.

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