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Is Your Restaurant Fire System Up to Code?

June 29, 2020

As California’s COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifted, restaurants will start to open for in-house dining once more. As things start to return to normal, restaurant owners should expect that the fire department will resume fire protection system inspections in Burbank, CA. Is your restaurant’s fire system up to code? Before you get a surprise visit from the fire marshal, call U.S. Fire Protection to help you with fire system testing and maintenance in Burbank, CA. We can help ensure that your system is up to code and in good working order before your business starts booming once more. Restaurant fire... View Article

Case Study: Fire Sprinkler System Tenant Improvement

June 15, 2020

At U.S. Fire Protection, we specialize in creating high quality fire sprinkler systems for businesses, industrial buildings and residences. Our systems are up to code and guaranteed to keep you safe if a fire breaks out in your building. Today, we’re sharing our latest fire sprinkler system improvement project in Burbank, CA. QT Market reached out to us to help improve their fire prevention system. Read on to learn more about how we partnered with them to see this project to fruition! The QT Market project QT Market is a supermarket and food court located here in the greater Los... View Article

Six Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler System

May 22, 2020

If you have been putting off fire sprinkler system installation in Los Angeles, CA, now is a good time to change that. Foot traffic has decreased during the pandemic, and that makes it easier for fire sprinkler installation to be completed quickly without violating social distancing guidelines. If you are still considering this important investment, here are six additional reasons why your home or business needs a sprinkler system: Low cost: Many customers delay installation because they fear the cost of a sprinkler system. However, these systems cost less than you realize. We have options that will fit any budget,... View Article

Five Common Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems

May 8, 2020

Fire sprinkler systems can contain fires and reduce fire damage in your home or business. However, some common myths often keep people from installing them unless local ordinances require it. You can enjoy the protective benefits of a fire sprinkler system in Los Angeles, CA without worrying about the misconceptions surrounding them. Here are five common myths and the truth about fire sprinkler systems: If one activates, they all activate: We have the movies to thank for this one. Enough scenes in action flicks suggest that all you need to do to thwart the bad guy is activate one sprinkler... View Article

What Business Owners Should Know About Fire Extinguishers

April 24, 2020

Maintaining fire extinguishers is a large component in any list of fire safety tips in Los Angeles, CA. Even a business located in an office needs a fire extinguisher, as it is never known when equipment may overheat or a fire may start near a heating duct. However, keeping fire extinguishers will not help in fire prevention unless they are used and maintained properly. Here are six things every business owner should know about fire extinguishers: You must have the right type: Fire extinguishers are not all the same. Putting out an electrical fire requires a different suppressant than extinguishing... View Article

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