Five Common Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems

Five Common Myths About Fire Sprinkler Systems

May 8, 2020

Fire sprinkler systems can contain fires and reduce fire damage in your home or business. However, some common myths often keep people from installing them unless local ordinances require it. You can enjoy the protective benefits of a fire sprinkler system in Los Angeles, CA without worrying about the misconceptions surrounding them. Here are five common myths and the truth about fire sprinkler systems:

  • If one activates, they all activate: We have the movies to thank for this one. Enough scenes in action flicks suggest that all you need to do to thwart the bad guy is activate one sprinkler head and the sudden flood of indoor rain puts a quick stop to all the nefarious plots. In reality, only the sprinkler nearest to the fire will activate, and if the fire spreads, more heads will activate. So, no, you cannot activate an entire system with one match or a small kitchen fire.
  • Candles or kitchen smoke will activate the sprinklers: This one arises from the assumption that sprinkler systems operate the same way as a smoke detector. That is not the case. Sprinklers are not activated by smoke, but by temperature. Water does not release until the room reaches a temperature of 135 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and not until the sprinkler activates an alarm. Not even your accidental small kitchen fire will set them off unless it becomes completely out of control. Much like your car’s airbags, sprinkler systems only activate in serious cases.
  • A sprinkler system will ruin interior decorating: Homeowners especially shy away from sprinkler systems because they do not believe they will match their decor. While earlier designs were rather clunky, now they can be installed without disrupting your aesthetic. A lower profile system will keep you safe and no one will notice it is there. There are more options now than there were even five years ago—talk to your fire sprinkler service in Los Angeles, CA to learn about them!
  • Water damage from sprinklers is worse than fire damage: A sprinkler system releases eight to 24 gallons per minute, which sounds excessive until you learn a fire hose can soak your home with 50 to 125 gallons per minute. Since the sprinkler system activates quickly and reduces fire spread, you face less smoke and burn damage, plus your home or business does not require as much fire department intervention. While you may need some remediation after a sprinkler activates, it is not nearly as extensive as damage resulting from fire spread and firefighting efforts.
  • Sprinkler systems leak: Many people are uncomfortable with having exposed pipes right above them and suspect the system will leak. In reality, a fire sprinkler system is less likely to leak than any other plumbing systems in your home. If it does, you will likely only experience a few drops before you call someone over for repairs.

If you are considering a fire sprinkler system for your home or business in Los Angeles, CA, US Fire Protection can help. We can assess your fire risk and recommend fire sprinkler systems that will work for your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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