Six Fire Prevention Tips for Server Rooms

Six Fire Prevention Tips for Server Rooms

March 19, 2020

Anyone who keeps a mobile device plugged in or a laptop computer on their lap knows that IT equipment heats up. This is often forgotten when it comes to fire protection. A fire in these areas can result in serious financial loss, so it’s important to consider your commercial fire suppression system in Los Angeles, CA and take appropriate precautions. Here are six tips to prevent fires in server rooms:

  • Schedule a risk assessment: The best way to prevent fires is to see where you face fire risks. Hiring fire prevention professionals to perform this assessment assures it is performed correctly and there will be no doubt of where fire risk lies. If you are currently building your server room, having fire prevention professionals involved in the design process will prove helpful.
  • Keep things tidy: Clutter is a fire risk in homes, and the same is true in your server room. Keep all combustibles out of your server room. It is not a storage area or closet, so do not treat it that way. Dust regularly or hire a cleaning service to do so. Dust and debris that settle on overheating equipment act as kindling for possible fires. Do not let them linger.
  • Maintain cooling: Sensitive equipment comes with cooling equipment requirements, and its documentation will also provide optimal operating temperatures. Follow these strictly. Ensure you have proper HVAC equipment to maintain cool temperatures, and add monitoring and alarm systems to alert you when temperatures exceed maximum tolerances.
  • Install a fire suppression system: If you use the right fire suppression systems, you will minimize damage from a fire and keep it from spreading to other parts of your business. You need suppression agents designed for electrical fires that are gas-based rather than fluid-based. This allows for better suppression power while also avoiding the damage to equipment that liquid suppressants can cause. An experienced fire protection company can help you choose the best system.
  • Conduct inspections: Fire suppression techniques evolve, and you may also acquire new equipment with different requirements. Schedule third-party inspections to ensure compliance and test suppression equipment. Follow any of the recommendations they give you, including making upgrades to fire suppression systems or investing in new fire extinguishers. Encourage employees to control fire hazards with daily checklists so they can remove potential fire starters before they leave for the day.
  • Train personnel: Conduct fire safety training every quarter. Teach employees about possible hazards, like frayed or damaged cords. If they find one, they should replace it immediately. Also show them where the fire extinguishers are located and how to use them. Oftentimes, when fires start, the extent of the damage depends on their immediate reaction. If your team is well-trained to deal with this catastrophe, this potential disaster may merely be a minor setback.

US Fire Protection is a specialist in fire protection in Los Angeles, CA, and we can help you find the best commercial fire suppression system for your business. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

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