The Importance of Semi-Annual Maintenance of Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems

The Importance of Semi-Annual Maintenance of Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems

November 18, 2019

According to the National Fire Protection Association, restaurant fires cause more than $150 million in damage on an annual basis. More than half of those fires are started on or in cooking equipment. Those numbers underscore the vital importance of keeping up with fire suppression system maintenance in Burbank, CA.

When disaster strikes, there’s only a split second between the safety of your employees and your most valuable equipment and total catastrophe. That’s a brief space of time when your fire sprinklers kick in and save the day, at least long enough for the fire department to show up and swing into action. Of course, the only way that your fire prevention system will work is if it’s properly maintained.

Keep the maintenance going

Choosing a highly-trained staff of professionals to install your fire suppression system is vitally important, of course. Still, it’s doubly important to make sure you have someone return to your kitchen on a routine basis to ensure everything remains in good working order. After all, a lot can happen with the functionality of your sprinkler system in the space of just a few months.

One part of a big system

One significant aspect of a sprinkler system is that it’s connected to the city’s water supply. As a result, a sprinkler system’s functionality is dependent upon a steady flow of water from the city. That rarely happens. Degradation of the water supply or shifts in water pressure are just a few of the changes that may necessitate sprinkler system maintenance in Burbank, CA.

Often, these changes fly under the radar, which means you’ll need the insight of a knowledgeable professional.

How does a fine sound?

Every city, state and county in the United States has a set of rules which dictates the frequency with which every part of your fire suppression system should be inspected, from the sprinklers to the fire extinguishers.

Failure to comply with these regulations could result in fines for your place of business. Not to worry—a conscientious fire inspection service can ensure you never miss a deadline or fail an inspection.

Maintain your bottom line

A fire running rampant through your kitchen can prove to be a real calamity for even the most financially secure restaurant owner. A fire allowed to run unchecked poses an obvious safety threat to your employees and your customers, which may send a ripple of bad publicity through the community. What’s more, it can also cost thousands of dollars in profit as you’re forced to shut down while repairs are made. Once you’ve reopened, you may find it tough to draw customers back in.

To prevent these hassles, you could have a fire inspection company keep your sprinklers and extinguishers up to code with routine visits.

Establish a relationship with the best

Looking for the best fire suppression system maintenance in Burbank, CA? Look no further than the dedicated team at US Fire Protection. For more than 15 years, our highly-trained staff has committed itself to keeping every one of our clients safe and sound when they’re on the job.

To find out more, give us a call today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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