Importance of Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Restaurants

Importance of Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Restaurants

October 17, 2019

Running a restaurant involves a huge number of moving parts. From customer satisfaction to safety measures to employee relations, the task list is never done. With so much going on, it can be easy to skip hood cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, but this would be a mistake.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles, CA is an essential part of restaurant ownership and maintenance. Neglecting this duty can cause significant detrimental effects. Consider the following reasons to maintain proper hood cleaning in your restaurant kitchen:

  • Fire risk: Kitchen exhaust systems trap smoke, grease and other debris during food preparation. Over time, this grime builds up on the hood. If it is not properly cleaned, this buildup can ignite. Grease fires can be extremely dangerous due to their heat intensity and ability to spread, so it’s important to take appropriate steps to avoid these incidents. Hood cleaning in Los Angeles, CA can mitigate the risk of these fires. The minimal effort required for this cleaning is far less than the effort needed to recover from a fire.
  • Emissions risk: If the hood is no longer clean enough to effectively trap smoke and other debris, these particles can escape the cooking area and travel throughout the restaurant. This creates a health risk for everyone present, from cooks to customers. By cleaning the hood regularly, you ensure its proper operation and keep emissions to a minimum.
  • Fee risk: Restaurant owners must maintain their facilities in compliance with local and national regulations regarding cleanliness and safety. If a kitchen fails to meet these standards, the owner could incur significant fines or be forced to shut down his or her business. Rather than risk these fees or other consequences, simply keep your kitchen hood well maintained. This will allow you to pass any regular or surprise inspections that occur.
  • Insurance risk: If a restaurant does not meet safety standards, insurance companies consider the establishment a high risk. The owner will see their insurance rates rise as the carrier attempts to mitigate this risk with premium costs. To avoid higher insurance costs, complete regular hood cleaning in Los Angeles, CA. This effective maintenance will help you maintain a safe establishment that insurance companies won’t mind covering at normal rates.
  • Reputational risk: If you fail a safety or health inspection due to poor kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, this will affect your reputation. No one wants to eat at a restaurant that is known for unclean or unsafe surroundings. To ensure your establishment retains its customer appeal, complete hood cleaning regularly.

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For more tips on how to maintain a safe restaurant environment, contact the team at US Fire Protection. We specialize in kitchen fire suppression as well as the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems. Reach out to us today with any questions about your kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles, CA or other fire-related maintenance. As a member of the National Fire Protection Association, we ensure full service and knowledge of safety. Get in touch for a free estimate for our services!

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