Honesty in the Fire Protection Business

Honesty in the Fire Protection Business

October 17, 2019

Honesty is always the best policy, but this is particularly crucial when it comes to fire protection in Los Angeles, CA. The fire protection business is involved in important safety measures that affect properties, individuals and communities. If honesty isn’t present, more than dollars can be lost—lives are at stake.

Because of this, fire protection integrity in Los Angeles, CA should be a top concern when working with any fire protection business. Ethical practices that are based on honesty should include several standard elements:

  • Questions and answers: When working with a fire protection business, customers should be allowed and encouraged to ask questions. The business should provide clear answers, without skirting issues or avoiding topics of conversation. Any inquiries should be handled as legitimate customer concerns, and the business should provide appropriate responses.
  • Access: A key component to transparency is allowing customers to have access to all paperwork on demand. Nothing should be hidden. If the company isn’t willing to produce the requested paperwork, one has to wonder why. Are they hiding something? If everything is above board, there should be no issues in allowing customers to access documents.
  • Detailed information: If a company discovers a deficiency that requires attention, the customer should receive detailed information about this issue. For example, what was wrong with the fire extinguisher that warranted replacement of the unit? The fire protection business should provide detailed reporting to document all their recommendations and actions.
  • Accountability: A fire protection business should have some system of accountability in place. Are the field workers reporting to a site manager? Who can the customer contact if they’re unsatisfied with the results? Is the company certified by an industry organization that can verify the quality of their work? Check into these areas of accountability as you choose a fire protection business.
  • Standards: An honest fire protection business adheres to appropriate standards for safety. For proper fire protection in Los Angeles, CA, all procedures should meet NFPA standards. The quality of cleaning, the operation of equipment and the setup of safety systems should always adhere to these standards.
  • Digital solutions: Modern fire protection integrity in Los Angeles, CA typically involves digital software. This creates a trail of documentation that keeps the business organized and reliable. Customers benefit from greater speed and efficiency and additional methods of transparency when a business uses the technology available.
  • Reputation: Another important aspect to consider is the company’s reputation. Are they known for honest practices? Find out what others have experienced. Read reviews and ask the company for references. Be sure to check on their industry ratings, certifications and licensure as well.

Get an honest answer

If you have questions about fire protection in Los Angeles, CA, contact the professionals at US Fire Protection. Since 2004, we’ve been providing premium preventative fire services to customers throughout the region. We offer installation and maintenance for all fire protection systems, as well as emergency exit and fire extinguisher setup. As a member of the National Fire Protection Association, we provide an honest approach to your fire safety. Call today for a free estimate.

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